Video: This Is Criminal – Look At These Lazy EMT Wokies In New York… “Helping” A Stroke Victim

On May 16, Catskill EMS responded to a call off Main Street. An EMT can be heard telling the patient, “Come on down,” to which someone responds, “He’s very weak.” The EMT replies, “I can’t carry him down the stairs. He’ll have to go on his butt and come down.”

The video does not show the patient, who lives on the second floor, struggling to descend the stairs and approach the ambulance.

“Let’s go,” one EMT is heard saying. Both EMTs stand by as the patient struggles to climb up on his knees. The patient eventually collapsed in the back of the ambulance before getting onto the stretcher, News12 reported.

“You need to get up,” one EMT says. “I’m not doing this.”

Another is heard saying, “I literally just watched you put yourself on the ground on purpose. I’m not playing this game with you.”


Video below:

The patient was reportedly a multiple-stroke victim and suffered internal bleeding after the incident, WRBG reported.
In the town, we take patient care at the utmost importance, first and foremost,” Catskill Town Supervisor Patrick McCulloch said. “So when I saw the video, I felt it was our duty to act on this and be as transparent with the public as we can.”

McCulloch said that with the resignation of the EMTs, the town considers the internal investigation closed but they are still reviewing their policies to improve service.

New Yorkers however, asked for a criminal investigation because the victim could have lost her life!

The EMT workers social media shows that they support a lot of the city’s woke policies and posted a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric!

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