Videos: Black Man Knocks “Karen” To The Ground After She Confronted Him For Allegedly Grabbing Her A**

In a now-viral video, a huge Black man can be seen knocking a woman that was labeled as “Karen”.
The Twitter account that first uploaded the video is using the term “Karen” as a racial slur towards a white woman. He’s promoting this jacked black man who had punched a small woman as something good. The man hit her as hard as men hit other men.

Video below:

The man allegedly grabbed her ass before she threw the water at him:

He had the ability to resist and/or restrain her without harm to himself or her. Image how he deals with his own child when angered. This lack of self-restraint is the real weakness, and those promoting it as an act of good are cancer to society.

Hard choice for the woke on this one:
BLM or MeToo


Alex Hall

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