Walmart Takes Surprising Action After They Faced Boycott Over ‘Impeach 45’ Products

WalMart has been destroying America for many years. This retail store has one thing in mind. That’s to make a profit on anything!!! And now, there is another more reason not to shop at Walmart!

The outcry sparked a #BoycottWalmart trend on Twitter as users expressed their distaste for the chain promoting the impeachment of President Trump.

Ryan Fournier, chairman of the group Students for Trump, was one of the first to discover Walmart was selling the clothing item, according to the International Business Times. He asked the company in a tweet, “What kind of message are you trying to send?”

We also published an article earlier where we gave you Walmart’s phone number where you can call them and share your opinion over their recent product!

It seems that our boycott has worked!


Walmart has now removed every “Impeach 45” product off their website!

As of early Tuesday morning, the “Impeach 45” clothing was still available on Walmart’s website.

But as DML reports just before noon, the listings for the anti-Trump products were all yanked down.

First, they were available by search, but when any item was clicked on, a message popped up that said, “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.”

Soon after, when a search was made on the Walmart website for “Impeach 45”, another message appeared: “Sorry, no products match Impeach 45.”

This comes as a yuge surprise if you ask me given the fact that Walmart is famous for supporting liberals and their stupid ideas!

However, here is the number from their ethics line is giving out if you want to file a formal complaint. 1-844-422-1575

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