Copies of Quran Found Dumped in Toilet at University of Texas

Police at the University of Texas at Dallas say they’re searching for the person who dumped several copies of the Quran in campus toilets that a student found in a men’s room of the Student Union.

UT Dallas Police say they are reviewing surveillance video from inside the Student Union building.

They acknowledge they haven’t found any clues as of yet, but are continuing to investigate.

CBS DFW reports:

Police at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) are investigating how two copies of a holy book ended up in a toilet on the campus.


A student reportedly found copies of the Quran in a men’s room of the Student Union.

The religious texts were found between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. During that timeframe there were only about half-a-dozen students seen on video going into that bathroom.

UT Dallas Police Chief Larry Zacharias said, “We’re still reviewing video to see if we can get people identified.”

But Chief Zacharias also said that surveillance video has given them some new insight into the investigation. “We originally suspected these Qurans may have come out of the Reflection Room, which is on the first floor of the Student Union,” he said. “We’ve watched a video in this timeframe and only two people went into that Reflection Room — both went in empty-handed and both came out empty-handed.”

Zacharias called the incident “very rare and strange” because there was no note left behind or claims of responsibility online.


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