News Reporter Captures A Hit-And-Run Live While Covering Story On A Previous Deadly Hit-And-Run Collision (Video)

A hit-and-run was caught live on camera as a reporter filmed a story about a separate hit-and-run that occurred just a month prior.

Gene Kang, of California television station KTLA, was in South Los Angeles on Thursday to cover a deadly collision that took place at the intersection of 84th and Hoover on Feb. 26.

He was filming a story about a dangerous intersection in Los Angeles when his report was unexpectedly interrupted — by a completely different car crash.

During his live shot, two cars can be seen colliding directly behind Kang. The news crew then filmed one of the vehicles immediately speeding away from the scene.

“You see Hoover Street here. Officials say it’s one of the most dangerous streets in all of Los Angeles,” Kang says while reporting.


He was cut off when a blue sedan turning left slammed into another blue car, the video shows. The news crew then filmed one of the vehicles immediately speeding away from the scene.

Kang said the scene was a first for him in his 18 years as a reporter. They called 911 and reported the crash, then helped the people in the car. Police found the car’s license plate and have the video for evidence.

“Our security guard Walter Mann yelled ‘get back’ and we moved as the car came racing towards us. A speeding car came out of nowhere,” said Kang. “At the last second, it veered the other way, a driver lost control, t-boned a car, went over the sidewalk, and took off!”

You can watch the video below:

There have been a rising number of collisions at the South L.A. intersection over the last two years.

The incident on Feb. 26 killed 42-year-old Jemmy Chavarria, who was walking with his wife and 2-year-old son when a still-unidentified driver struck him. Authorities are offering a reward of up to $50,000 to anyone who can provide information leading to the driver’s identification, arrest, and conviction.

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