Hilarious Video: Like Biden, Hillary grew up in the Black Church

During Biden’s remarks made at last year’s White House event in honor of Black History Month, the 46th president went on a tangent about how when he was younger, he used to attend Catholic Mass early Sunday morning and then head over to the local Black church to participate in its service.

Biden began his claim by explaining how he is so familiar with Black Christian hymns. In the clip, shared by the RNC Research account, he said, “You know, I know most of those songs for a simple reason. As my buddy from Delaware can tell you, when you’re involved in the Civil Rights movement as a kid in high school – I used to go down to the Black church.”

The Australian media wasn’t so gentle with Biden!
Also Biden in a Black Church:

Now we have Hillary Clinton who tried to convince people that she also attended Black Churches:

The Dems can’t fool Black voters anymore!


Biden even skipped visiting a Black Church last month!

President Joe Biden headed to Michigan last month to boost his support with Black voters and hedge against the growing opposition that the White House’s staunch support for Israel has sparked with Muslims in the critical swing state.

But some African American leaders now say they feel alienated after Biden failed to meet with more leading Black community members when visiting Saginaw, the city northwest of Detroit that has become Michigan’s premier political bellwether and where 46% of the residents are Black.

Organizers familiar with the trip plans said that one of several original proposed sites for the president to visit was a Black church. The idea was to find a venue where union workers, Black community leaders, college students and supporters from other key constituencies could head out after the event and knock on doors for Biden.

The president ultimately went to the front porch of two local leaders, who are both white, then met with a Black family at a public golf course according to CBS.

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