Senator Paul Rand Crushes Anti-Gun Narrative With The Best Pro-Gun Argument

In an interview with the Fox News Channel on Friday, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul reminded anti-gun activists that it is CLASSMATES that are shooting at them, not NRA members. Rand added a good pro-gun argument saying that schools can’t be defenseless and disturbed shooters “aren’t so disturbed that they’re going to shoot up the sheriff’s office. They’re showing up where there is no self-defense.”

Rand said: “I think the first thing we should do is, there needs to be an announcement by every school district that we’re going to defend our children, and that we’re not going to have a sign outside that [says], ‘We’re defenseless.’ And I think that’s the problem, is that we do have these homicidal or crazy or mentally disturbed kids, but they still aren’t so disturbed that they’re going to shoot up the sheriff’s office. They’re showing up where there is no self-defense.”

He added: “I think we get distracted. We start talking about something that Republicans and Democrats disagree with on gun control. … Look, every Hollywood actor that hates guns has armed bodyguards defending them. So, they hate guns unless the guns are defending them. Let’s announce tomorrow and let’s encourage everybody who protects our kids, superintendents, principals, school boards, announce tomorrow we’re not going to leave our kids defenseless. We are going to defend our schools from crazy people with guns.”

Rand also said that we need to try to stop people who have psychiatric disorders that cause them to act violently and prevent people who are crazy from getting firearms, and added there isn’t enough work being done to keep people who are mentally unstable or breaking the law from having guns.

Liberals think that the world would be a better place without guns…
No, people would use other means… If you make it illegal to own a gun of any type, the result is ridiculously predictable- the “good guys” will turn in their guns- reluctantly, but they will comply. The result? Now only criminals will have guns.

A world without guns is a world where the biggest, strongest, and most violent and immoral rule.
Here’s a better option- PREVENT an armed intruder from ever entering the school in the first place! Armed security guards and metal detectors at every entrance would halt an attack before it ever happened.

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Natalie D.

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3 thoughts on “Senator Paul Rand Crushes Anti-Gun Narrative With The Best Pro-Gun Argument

  • May 20, 2018 at 1:17 am

    Senator Paul is absolutely correct. Throughout history there has always been a weapon of one type or another and each more powerful than the ones before. Rocks, sling shots and stone axes were replaced by swords, spears and bows and arrows. These were replaced by flintlock rifles which were replaced by the center fire. The single shot gave way to the multi-round magazine and the machine gun after that. It is the inherent nature of self-preservation in all humans that has led man to continue to seek the best way to defend themselves, their families, their property and their land against those who would invade the peace, kill, steal, enslave and otherwise do unspeakable harm to those they love. Even in the animal kingdom this is the rule, not the exception. Go find a mother bear with three cubs and see if you can get within 50 feet of one of her babies. If this sounds like a challenge that peaks your interest, you should not be allowed to own a firearm. For all of you whose mouth is engaged while your brain sleeps and are out screaming for gun control you will be very sorry one day that you didn’t think before you spoke. There is no saying so true as, “necessity is the mother of invention” and your big mouths and dead brains may just be the catalyst that ushers in the next means of self defense that in comparison may make firearms seem like cap guns. So, be careful what you wish for because you may get it.

  • May 21, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    I don’t even engage in the debate anymore. There is no reasonable or logical argument to dispute that if you call for law-abiding citizens to turn in their guns, only the criminals will have them.


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