This Is Not A Satire: NBC Now Claims That Water is Racist (Screenshot)

This screenshot is from NBC News:

Swimming pools are a much greater danger to black children and teens than they are to other kids, a new government study shows.

Black children ages 5 to 19 drown in swimming pools at a rate more than five times that of white children, the research found. That suggests a lot of blacks are not learning to swim, said the lead author, Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Swimming is a life-saving skill, not just another sport, she said.

This is from their article published recently where they double down on their claims:

Five years ago, Paulana Lamonier made public her goal to change the lives of countless people in the New York City area.

The former collegiate swimmer at York College, in the Queens borough, tweeted in 2019 that she wanted to teach 30 Black people to swim. Lamonier, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, knew that learning to swim as a child changed the trajectory of her life.

Once she quickly surpassed that first goal, she set an even loftier one: to make swimming more affordable for everyone, particularly for Black children and adults. Two years later, Lamonier created Black People Will Swim, both a business and mantra, to do just that.

Keenly aware of the lifelong racial disparities in swimming, Lamonier can rattle off various stats like simple math equations. For instance, how Black children ages 10 to 14 are more than seven times as likely to drown than white children and overall, how 64% of Black kids have little to no swimming ability as compared to just 40% of white children.

“Swimming has claimed so many lives of Black people,” she said. “We deserve to have a space to learn without feeling discriminated against, without feeling as if we have to break the bank to learn this life skill. And, most importantly, it’s really a community.”

Good grief. Everything is racist according to these clowns in the lame stream media. I wonder if there’s any low they’re not willing to go to when talking about anything to do with race, Trump, America, and everything else that ultimately requires common sense.

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