Video: Biden Appears To Imitate Fish In Bizarre Response Following His Speech

Last week President Biden had plenty of company from leading Ohio Democrats when he formally announces a plan on Wednesday to protect retirees’ pensions and prevent the cutting of benefits for millions of workers and retirees.

The Dems that joined the president in Cleveland, were Sen. Sherrod Brown, Reps. Shantel Brown and Marcy Kaptur, and Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb.

But the top two Democrats running for statewide office in this year’s elections — Senate nominee Rep. Tim Ryan and gubernatorial nominee Nan Whaley, the former Dayton mayor — didn’t join the President.

Joe Biden has again turned heads over something he did following his speech in Cleveland.

In a video clip posted to Twitter, Biden, 79, appeared to imitate a fish as he looked at someone in the crowd.


Video below:

Needless to say, several users responded to the bizarre facial gesturing from the aged president.

The incident is only likely to fuel more speculation that Biden’s mental status is not good and that he doesn’t have the wherewithal to run again in 2024 — or even serve out his current term.

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