Video: Man On Parole Begs Climate Change Protestors To Move So He Doesn’t Go To Jail For Missing Work… They Refused & Got Him Arrested!

A group of protesters sat down and blocked all lanes of traffic on the inner loop of I-495 in Montgomery County, Maryland, near Exit 30 for Colesville Road/U.S. Route 29 at approximately 12:30 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

The Beltway climate change demonstrators were one of the multiple groups who illegally blocked the roads on Independence Day.

Police said 13 protesters were taken into custody on various charges, including resisting arrest, disturbing peace/hinder passage, and failure to obey a reasonable/lawful order. At least one counter-protester was also charged with second-degree assault and resisting arrest.

As traffic backs up, some drivers sit and stew while others begin to walk forward. One, a slender young man wearing shorts, white socks under his sandals, and a peach-and-white striped shirt, begins ripping at their printed paper banners.

He explains repeatedly that he has been on parole for several years, and that being late for work could get him fired, violate his parole and send him back to prison.

“I’m trying to see my kid grow up and not be in prison, and you are disrespectful to that,” he tells them.

Alternately restrained and physical, he drags two protestors out of the passing lane. They crawled back into place as the man roves the line, trying to get someone to listen to his increasingly intense plea:

“One lane, I’m asking one lane,” a man begged the protesters. “Let me get to my job. I’m going to jail for what you’re doing. I’m please asking, just this one lane. One lane.”

After forcibly swiping the activists’ banners and attempting to physically confront them, he was arrested by Maryland State Police. Watch the video below:

The group “Declare Emergency” claimed responsibility for the demonstration and issued a statement demanding “President Biden to immediately declare a national state of climate emergency.”

“Today, there were almost two dozen Declare Emergency campaign supporters on the road, coming from as far away as Oregon, Washington and Florida to make their voices heard here in DC/MD/VA area,” the statement said. “A total of thirteen ordinary citizens have been arrested today while acting in nonviolent civil resistance, raising the alarm on the climate crisis.”

In the statement, “Declare Emergency” also purported that United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that climate activists are “depicted as dangerous radicals, but the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels.”

So while we still have no official climate emergency, we do have a bystander who may have just lost his freedom for the foreseeable future because he was prohibited from getting to his job by people who were illegally blocking a public interstate.

Alex Hall

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