Video: Saggy-Pants Soy Boy Attacks Elderly Gentleman – Gets Brutal Instant Justice

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A video has emerged online of a saggy-pants-wearing soy boy who thought it would be a good idea to harass and then attack an elderly gentleman as the man walked with a bag of groceries in his hands.

The would-be victim put his groceries down for a moment to give the punk a brutal dose of instant justice, proving the thug picked on the wrong guy.

The elderly gentleman was recently walking at what appears to be an outdoor shopping center with a bag of groceries in his hands. Incidentally, a saggy-pants-wearing thug started causing trouble with the old-timer, threatening to assault the elderly gentleman.

As the 25-second clip begins, the thug, wearing saggy jeans and a hooded black sweatshirt, approaches the elderly man after putting his backpack on the ground, freeing his hands for an intended physical assault on the other man. Without even a slight show of panic, the intended victim puts his grocery bag on the ground, stands up to attempt a rational conversation with the thug, and faces down his aggressor. This is when things took a painful turn for the worst for the punk.

“I’m going to hurt you,” warned the elderly gentleman. One of the punk’s friends who is recording the incident said, “Oh, you’re going after him,” as if the young degenerate was a tough guy for picking on a man at least twice his age. The clip really just proves you can’t fix stupid.

After the elderly man told the thug he was going to hurt him, the attacker put his hands up into some kind of ghetto boxing position and started what can only be described as embarrassing footwork. As the thug circled his older opponent, he lunged in at him to take a swing with his right fist. The moment the elderly gentleman stepped out of the way with ease was when the punk should have realized he was way out of his league.

It was very clear that the elderly man did not want to fight. He kept repeating the same words over and over to the thug. “I’m gonna hurt ya, I’m gonna hurt ya,” he said. It only took the elderly man a few seconds to get his timing down. Then, he fulfilled the promise he had been making the thug, who quickly learned he should have listened to the warnings the old man gave.

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Really, these guys shouldn’t be surprised. Although they might just see an “old man,” they fail to realize that a lot of men from that generation spent a couple of years carrying an M-16 through banana leaves, giving them a strength that has stuck with them and it’s a might that so-called “men” like this thug will never understand — not until they get hit right on the button for messing with the wrong “old guy” anyway.

At the end of the clip, the elderly man is seen walking back to his bag of groceries and shaking his fist after a job well done. I highly doubt he’ll have any trouble with that guy again. I hope this viral clip is seen by the thug’s family and friends so they can shame him for attacking an elderly man and getting his butt kicked so bad. He should have listened when the elderly man said, “I’m gonna hurt ya.” He definitely knew what he was talking about.

Kathy Sullivan

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