Video: Woman Is Trying To Convince A Court That She Is NOT A Domestic Abuser Moments Later She Is Flying At The Judge Like A Wild Animal – Receive Instant Justice

A routine court hearing turned aggressive in southern Kentucky when a woman attacked the judge. It happened in Wayne County Family Court in Monticello. Courtroom surveillance video shows Melissa Harvick charging the judge’s desk after being handed 10 days in jail for contempt of court for being disruptive in the chamber.

Harvick jumped, apparently getting caught on the rail before court security officers grabbed her. Judge Jennifer Upchurch Edwards is seen pushing her chair backward to avoid Harvick.

Video below:

The woman is facing more charges.

According to investigators, intimidating a participant in a legal process, terroristic threatening and resisting arrest were added to the charges against Melissa Harvick.

After the incident, she was charged with contempt of court.


She will be arraigned on Monday.

Officials in a Kentucky county said, divorce hearings can be usually messy but not like the one they have seen recently.

A courtroom scene where the respondent jumped over the bench and attacked the judge.

Judge Jennifer Upchurch Edwards was hearing a domestic violence complaint against Melissa Harvick from her husband.

But Harvick didn’t like what she heard. And she didn’t back off.

In 20 years, the circuit clerk said, he has never seen anything like it. A court security officer also agreed.

Court security officer Adam Dodson and two others had to intervene so she would calm down.

People could still hear Harvick shouting at the judge even while being escorted outside of the courtroom. Judge Edwards was not hurt in the attack.

She will be criminally charged for the threats she made and a new judge will be appointed.

Currently, Harvick is in jail for contempt of court and officials say more charges will be added.

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