‘Woke Pastor’ Takes Anti-White Guilt to Church, Washes Black Kids Feet As He Apologizes For Whites History (Video)

‘Woke Preacher’ as he calls himself has done it again, this time sharing a video of himself washing the feet of a black kid while apologizing for the history of whites that he admits he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Pastor Dennis Rouse of Victory World Church performed a highly cringeworthy stunt during a worship service where he called a black man out of the audience to come to get his feet washed.

During the ridiculous stunt, the pastor explains to this guy that what he is doing is virtuous while most other white men are just sitting in recliners saying racist things about him. Of course, that’s simply not true that “most white men” are doing that. Yet, this “pastor”–who is supposed to be an agent of reconciliation–is doing absolutely nothing but creating resentment between him and other white men.

Further, Rouse is acting just like the Pharisees; “thank God I’m not like those other old white men.”

Video below:


During the riots, last summer in a display of public unity with BLM police officers around our country took a knee to declare their woke allegiance with the protesting mobs.

Similar gestures of police officers kneeling, hugging, and marching with protesters around the country have been shared widely on the internet. In many instances, the protesters have been the ones who asked the officers to kneel with them and the gesture has elicited cheers.

Some of them to apologize for slavery were kissing BLM’s feet!

Keep in mind that the white Americans alive today do not own slaves and many of their ancestors probably didn’t, either. So why are they apologizing for slavery?

During the slavery era, only a small percentage of whites actually owned slaves. Why? Because only the wealthy (in the South) could afford slaves. And most Northerners did not have slaves.

The black Americans alive today were not slaves, and neither were their parents. So why do they ask today’s whites to apologize for an institution that white Republicans ended in 1865?

Reminder: Black slavery still continues in many Muslim countries to this day. Where is the left-wing outrage?

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Kathy Sullivan

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